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Influenced by her father, who as a doublebassplayer performs regularly (among others with the "Nick Asmond Quartet" and the "St. John's Jazz Band") Marey early discovers that music makes it easier for her to express herself emotionally.
At the early age of eleven she takes classical singing lessons, with 13 she starts guitar lessons, taught by terrific Jazzguitarist Ladi Geisler, who she perceives as one of her great mentors and with whom she later also performes as a singer.
She plays her first gig in the mid-90s, with Dennis Busby, owner of hamburgs legendary "Dennis Swing Club".

By joining the "Unit5" in 1996, (a bebop- and mainstreamjazz-combo that already exists over 30 years), she is rooted in hamburgs Jazz-szene. The following years they play many gigs, among others in Birdland (Hamburg) and record their second and third album ("Again" and "Plus Two"), with featured artist Tex Allen (trumpet) from NYC.

In 2002 Marey starts applying herself to other music-projects and goes on a club-tour through Germany as one of the "Glamorous Gospel Singers“, accompanied by DJ B from Chicago

With fellow artists she founds the hip hop collective "Club27" in 2003. Three years later they release their album "Club Shit Vol.1". Still today they do a monthly open-mike-club at the "Komet" in Hamburg!

Around the same time she meets Tony Greer, a stunning Singer and musician from Trinidad and performs for some years with him and his Band, singing backings and features. That influences her musik until today! Together they play as support-act for Sean Paul at "Stadtpark-Openair" in Hamburg.

In 2006 Marey Burns starts performing with the "Sven-Selle-Trio" whose musicians today are the core of the Tag Team. Marey performs one song on each of the studio recordings "Signs" (2006) and "The Source" (planned release End of 2012) and eventually it is inevitable that an own project is absolutely essential. So in 2010 the "Tag Team" forms. Own songs are composed and worked out together, further musicians "recruted", all enriched with great guests and a programme put together to keep the promise that comes with the name: a dazzling soundexperience with a great band, in which everyone - including the audience - is fundamental.

Marey recently even was seen and heard with the "Cotton Club Bigband" at the "Cotton Club" in Hamburg (so perhaps one even can expect a horn section in the Tag Team), which should not surprise us, as she states:
"...guess i ainīt sayin nothin new, but itīs a musical necessity to stay open towards all possibilities and influences. Marey Burns is neither "jazz-singer" nor "female mc" - iīm a musician. Jazz is my nursery, but i hear and feel everything that is music. Should I - in the years to come - publish a Jungle Album, sing an aria, dance the Flamenco or learn to yodle...... I would indulge in all of it." -marey burns-